Maybe you’ve have noticed it, maybe you didn’t….but I’m in my truthflow…little side effect when you’ve healed a hell-of-a-lot old patterns and in my case, even trauma.

For weeks on end now I follow ‘the energy’, my energy, sharing what comes through and it feels good and juicy AF.

My lesson(s) from the last couple of months ( on a deeper embodied level)….don’t hold back. Give yourself 100% permission to speak up, to show up.

What did that get me?

Amazing new clients, a collaboration – that came outa nowhere – following & trusting my guidance in this – and a new program on the way…the energy is building up ????

My mantra’s for staying true to my truthflow;

It’s safe for me to follow the energy
I’m always guided
I can trust my energy

You know deep down, there is so much more that you wanna tell and share with the world.

Maybe you think there is no place for you in the coachings industry, I say that’s BS. 

Actually is very simple;

What is a topic you love to talk about? Non stop? Always? What can you talk about for the rest of your life?

Go and do that! ????
I’ve found out that if I don’t tell, what I want to tell,  don’t say, what I want to say, don’t share, what I want to share, what I feel deep inside to share, EVERYTHING comes to a stop.

No inspiration, no energy or a very low ass vibe energy, no fulfillment, no clients….nada…

Everything is energy

You are so, so safe to follow the energy, you are safe to follow the energy you’re led to

You feel me?

What it comes down to: Sooner or later when you’re out of alignment, out of integrity, not who you’re supposed to be, not doing what you’re here for, out of alignment with who you really are, this goes against you. 

Everything comes to a stop….​happiness, inner peace, money, love, sex, an awesome business, the whole freakin’ 9 yards!

Hmmm yes and there may be those days when you go to bed at night and that you believe in a lie, that there is an A and B, you think you HAVE to choose between satisfaction/ fulfillment/ integrity and money.

​That is also a lie.

Wealth is an inner thing. #fact.

The ‘but where does it come from’ piece IS NOT about the practical part.

Do what you want – and by this – I mean – do what you’ve known you should do – Your customers, money, your desires will show up, when you’re completely aligned with who you really are.

Get your game on and start living, BEING, as the person who was born to do this. And also program yourself for wealth. 

Ok, this is a wake up energy mail after all. Follow that energy you’ve always felt, you just made yourself wrong, you thought it couldn’t be done, that it wasn’t possible.

​​Yes dear, it CAN be.

The cemetery is the richest place on earth, packed with all unfulfilled dreams
Do you want to take yours to this place too?

​Or are you going to live up to them here and NOW?​
You don’t wanna say NO to your soul


Knowing that you could have it all along and you choose not to.
90% of people reading this don’t dare to jump yet.
Stick to the old.
Remain chained to an old story.
Knowing that they have the key in their own hands all the time.


This is reality.
Don’t forget to choose yours.



​​September I’m starting a new program, INFUSION. And it’s something else
Stay tuned

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