???????? At the moment, I’m not taking on any new clients

…1:1 Mentorship for female leaders, who finally want to create a life and business 100% Aligned AF…more freedom, more fulfillment, money and joy…


Let’s be honest….

Your so done, done with DOING business, instead of BEING in business.

You want to fully express your creativity, wisdom, femininity, clairvoyance.

BEING in ALIGNMENT with ALL of the parts that make you, YOU.

You know that this is the way, the way your business folds perfectly around you, without sacrificing yourself or going beyond your limits.

It is your uniqueness, your brilliance, your awesomeness that makes you so magnetic, makes life and biz so much juicy-er.

When you are in your purest state of being, your authentic self, there is really no room for the hustle, to push, for unnecessary competition, manipulation, endless strategies. (I know you’re done with that)

It’s simple. But not easy. It’s not easy because your true self – is perhaps still buried under all that conditioned shizzle – since you were a little girl.

And sometimes is difficult to play this human game…

I help you to remember who you are

Beneath all these old beliefs, patterns, conditionings and other BS, lies who you really are.

Whatever sits energetically in YOUR way, together we will break it through…..


You’re so done with;

–  The serving out of fear

– The hustle and the long hours of work

– Trying so hard

– Obsessing with what others might think of you

– Constantly comparing and competing

– Deep issues around feeling worthy

– Fear of questioning your worth

– The constant feeling that you have to prove something

– Sabotaging thoughts in your body, relationships, life and business (yep, all connected with each other)

– Pressing the brake and the gas at the same time. One part of you wants this and the other that.

– That inner struggle that drives you crazy.


???? You’re so ready for;

⚡️ Njoying life and business from a place of trust and ease

⚡️ Seeing your vision come to life

⚡️ Helping your soul clienst, froma place of mastery

⚡️ Making enough money to pay the bills and then some

⚡️ Taking really good care of yourself and your loved ones.

⚡️ Make an impact and difference in your community and the world, without sacrificing who you are

⚡️ Owning who you are,  the woman who does life and biz from BEING, with satisfaction.

⚡️ Showing up as you, the real you, no more hidding 

⚡️ Finally create more freedom, fulfillment, money and joy on every level



‘This changed my life, working with and from my intuition is the base for the rest of my life’

‘Monica was my spaceholder, where shifts could take place on an energetic level, which has certainly changed my mindset and the way I look at situations.  No longer I’ve have to question my own thoughts. I know what I feel, I trust what I feel, I am the creator of my onw life and business, on my terms. This is it.’

Ilse van Meerbeeck

Ilse van Meerbeeck

‘Monica showed me that it all starts with the way I think about myself’

‘The group was amazing, so much love, recognition and support. Monica really is a super motivator, speaks from her own experience, knows exactly what’s going on with you, gives you the practical and spiritual tools,  so you can keep on amplify-ing yourself and your business.’

Kristel Kuiper

What’s working with Mo all about?;


What it comes down to, is that we create a Flow off life plan for you, designed for you. This is the foundation, the base for everything in your life and business.

Deeply transformational, no spirtual bypass, straight to the core of what is really going on, emotionally and energetically, so that we can solve it at the core.

No fluff

No complicated stuff

No tricks

No nonsense

The whole raw, naked truth

This ensures that you shift quickly en BIG time.

I hate wasting time and I know you do too!

All this and having fun! 

This is done with you.

During 4 months we have 8 zoomcalls together.

You have my undivided attention for an hour in every call.

I help you activate the deeper layers of yourself, opening up to your intuition, taking a deep dive  in the shizzle that slows you down, hold back and sabotage you in your life so that you, can step into YOUR whole BEING. Unapologetically

Embody the true freedom that is the base for all that may be created in the world through you. This is the pure authentic version of yourself.

This means complete individual attention and plenty of space for your questions, clearing blockages and creating clarity, peace and structure in you and therefore in the context of your business.

So you can be successful in all areas;

I am the last mentor you will ever need to grow your business by being true to yourself & using your intuition and energy to create a life you adore.

Business and life on your terms

To your growth, your expansion + your inevitable evolution…

4 months 1:1 mentorship €4444 ( incl. VAT)

Payment plans available

I couldn’t figure out what my next step needed to be my business.

I didn’t even call it a business. I learned that I was in control of everything. I was completely free to decide how I would shape my business.

What I found most valuable during the coaching with Moisha was that she takes you completely into a way of doing business that is completely tailored to my specific situation. What is my next step? What is my strategy for the coming period?

I have much more confidence in myself and in my own aligned entrepreneurship.  She taught me that I can dream bigger, that there can be fears and hassles, but I step way faster into my personal leadership.

The live days and the 1 on 1 coaching calls are very valuable. Moisha sometimes stops you to investigate what is going on and why you are sabotaging yourself. I have made huge leaps in this area. 

Furthermore, her knowledge and own experiences are very valuable.

I would recommend anyone to work with Moisha because she reveils what your aligned actions are.

Moisha can really put you in the tuned action mode, all out of love for yourself, from your own strength and from what and HOW you want it.

– Mirjam Peek

My coaching is perfect for you when you:


> Are ready to build a life an business beyond your wildest dreams, one you are adore! 

> Take full responsibility for your life, actions and results. You don’t blame others or your circumstances. You know you hold the key to shape your business & life and you want to use that power fully with joy and ease!

> Want to live in full alignment with your personality, soul, wants & needs.

> When you are willingly to look at the  (unconscious) energies that are holding you back in your growth as a person and thought leader at this moment.

> Are ready, willing and able to invest time, money and energy in this deeply transformational journey. (my 1:1 container for 4 months, starts at €4400)

> Are coachable: be open, dare to show yourself, share what really lives deep inside of you and ask for what you need.

Some of the results you get from working with me:


> You build a strong connection with your intuition, so you always know what to do, when to do it and how to do it (Game over with, pushing, forcing, and trying to control everything)

> You stop compromising and doing business on YOUR terms (oh yess…hello…freedom!)

> You can name (and receive) your prices without feeling sick to your stomach. (you’ll get more hell yess clients from salescalls)

> You spend your time, on the things that matter most to you ( hello more energy )

> You create more freedom, more space and time for yourself.

> You get clear on your ideal lifestyle ( we create a flow of lifeplan ) 

> You actually feel at home ( maybe for the first time ever)  in your body, mind and soul ( this will last a lifetime!! )

> You’ll create a life and business that sets your soul on fire and you actually love.

> Your money and visability will grow to, awesome side effect of BEING all of you.

Your joy, fulfillment, happiness and freedom increase immensely!

‘Moisha is thé coach with a spiritual attitude and provides you with practical tools, so being in business is so much more fun’ 

‘She helped me to find out what I really like to do, and build business that suits me perfectly. She also let me experience how much is actually possible if you dare to choose and the rest will happen magically naturally’.

Judith Verschuren

“If anyone is an ideal client to work with, it’s Moisha!

She hired me several times, and it’s a joy to work with her always! She’s smart, kind, and funny. She’s committed to her healing and growth, and is willing and able to dive deep into herself and look at every idea, dream, and fear in every corner of her being. She’s courageous and dedicated to herself, and shows up willing to do whatever it takes to manifest her dreams. She’s a dream client!”

Brigitte van Tuijl

I believe…


…That we as women have a very different way of doing life and business.

The reason why so many women get burned out or have a constant feeling of failing in their businesses is because we have learned to DO….a lot. To the point we are no longer ourselves.

I believe that modern spirituality needs a serious update and that you and I can be a catalyst in that.

As women, the best way to thrive is by BEING. Without sacrificing who we are or what we need, or giving up on our dreams.

For us, the art of ‘doing’ business lies in the connection we have with our intuition.

Learning to dance between our shadow(s) an our light, our pain and pleasure and spirituality and earthly living.

Feeling tuned in, tapped on and turned on, on LIFE!

Being connected with your intuition, spirits and higher self, and still be grounded AF an build conscious businesses.

It’s time to evolve, and also the way we do business. That starts with defining our values, re-envisioning our definition of succes and stripping away all of our old patterns and conditioning.

Let’s create a new paradigm for conscious business, and be a force for good.

Are you in?

Xx, Moisha




Working with Moisha is really valuable.

I like her ‘getting things done’ mentality. I was able to quickly change my limiting beliefs. In her 1-on-1 coaching, Moisha has mainly taught me to work from my own core so that things can arise easily and in flow. Not proposing ready-made solutions, but finding the answers in my own treasury. This is really the most valuable thing I have learned from her. I will reap the benefits of this for the rest of my life!

What I really appreciate about Moisha is her honesty and humor. She doesn’t promise mountains of gold, but if you start working with her advice, it will certainly provide you with the most achievable results for that moment. Working with Moisha is amazing! Serious, straight to the point, laughing, crying everything comes along when you work with her.

Moisha has taught me and given me the confidence that life and business can really arise from flow and that I can do things on my terms.

I recommend anyone who also wants to experience this to work with Monica.

Dear Moisha, thank you for everything! You are a special woman and my soulmate coach. 

– Priscilla Massaar de Bruyn

“Declared Debt free during this program, wow!”

Before I got into Mastering Money Honey, I often worried about money. I found the investment alone to be a liberation; to spend that on myself of myself for myself…I immediately felt stronger, more in charge of my own, my thoughts and also happier about money, yay!

Money has become more fun, I see and feel more and more space, I see more and more abundance, step by step… I’m really happy that I joined. The content of the modules are gold.

– Lotte