Question from a reader:

How can I still do marketing without losing my integrity?

To answer this question, I first want to clarify on which pillars our current marketing system rests on. The current way of doing marketing has its roots in the dying capitalist system. 

This ancient business and marketing model is based on competition, scarcity, shame, and fear are the result. It pits us against one another and teaches us to financially prey on our clients in order to achieve success.

What happens when you don’t achieve the success they sold you? 

Exactly, they tell you that you haven’t done enough, haven’t worked hard enough. Or they tell yo this…..  ‘You’re almost there, if you continue working with me, we’ll tweak this or that’ and then it will al be fine…… so guess what? Yep, you have to invest again in their program, coaching or course, and this could lead to an ongoing cycle.

Let it be clear that the methods used by so called conscious business coaches are the same as the old predatory capitalist business practices that have always existed –– Now a days they are just wrapped in a bubble of love, light, and greed: manipulative messaging, coercive sales tactics, deceptive practices, and empty promises about manifesting your best life.

There is nothing conscious about that

In this method, a part of our subconscious is always addressed in the following manor; that there is not enough, not enough money, not enough time, that the time is NOW, where the solution is always, to create a-look-at-my-life-show-on-social-media-with-a-LouisVuitton-bag, you have to buy,  more programs, more tools, more workshops, masterclasses and so on, etc.

There is nothing conscious if you don’t care about your client’s success, about really helping your people, contributing to building a better world…….for eons the service is shit in all kinds of industries, but we as people persons, should provide 1 of the best services. Because spiritual work is sacred work. ‘Or do we keep on falling into the persuasion trap that it’s only possible if you pay a thousands of euros for a program or coaching’, which actually has no real value and certainly no return on investment.

Little sidenote

I myself, found out that €6,000, is the holy amount, the amount from which you REALLY get value and where your return on investment is the greatest. Anything above 6K, you get nothing further from that. You get some random side content, that is not bringing you to the core of what you need. #sorrynotsorry.

For me and people like me, who are hell on living a heart-led, purpose driven life, the reason why we have a strong aversion towards this type of marketing, is not because we’re playing small and it’s definitely not because we ‘re suffering from imposter syndrome ( this shadowside is always thrown in you face,  by these so called conscious business coaches ).

It’s because the energy of it feels repulsive. It’s counter intuitive, it’s grinds up against our identity, , our integrity, our values, our spirituality, nor the new world we want to create, and heart-centered entrepreneurs intuitively feel that. It’s spiritually broken and we have felt it for eons.

We’re not scared of offering services and ask money for it. We’re not afraid of our own greatness.

We fucking own our greatness – because most of us, came crawling from the gutter. We know who we are.

We’re in tune with our hearts, our spirit, and our values, and we’re not willing to compromise our spiritual integrity to get more clients and make more money. We are here to be of service to the collective. Our mission is heart led. Our vision is soul centered.

The really good news…..this ancient model of business and marketing cannot ( and neither can the people who are profiting from it ) survive, because is so out of alignment with the New paradigm we’re building.

For those of us who refuse to do business and marketing the capitalistic way, let’s step into a new paradigm of doing business, on all levels. That starts with defining our values, redefine the definition of succes and layer by layer stripping away of all the conditioned biases that underpin today’s business practices, so we can create a new paradigm for conscious business.

So lets strip down, some of those conditioned beliefs right now:

Here a some prompts for you to journal on:

  1. Which beliefs are not in alignment for me anymore?
  2. What do I hate about doing marketing?
  3. What does heart led and soul centered business look like for me?





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