‘Oh lord…..Marketing and asking prices…. and simultaneously rolling her eyes’

She gets a yackie feeling about what she has learned about ‘doing’ marketing. And therefore her results are mheh….

Anyone? ????????

This client of mine, is a purpose driven, heart led and conscious AF…..beauty of a human being…..so the old way of doing marketing is not working for her at ALL.

You don’t have to do marketing your marketing ‘The old Capatalistic way’  short for – pointing and energetically pressing on someone paint points.


I now know that you absolutely AF can create a more than fine income, as a coach, without getting stuck in doing your ‘marketing’.

So if, you as a coach, also experience the hassle of doing your marketing?

Marketing is nothing more and nothing less than making a difference.
Yep, read that again.

You can choose that your marketing will be 1 of the ways in which you make a difference in the world.

I love to share insights and value to inspire others. Sometimes a bit bold, honest AF, sometimes a bit poetic (the writer in me) sometimes a bit spiritual.

You are free to decide what suits you.

You are free to choose what your marketing brings to the world

You can choose the following belief:

Marketing is making a difference

What is your choice?
Your business, your rules

If it comes from your heart, if you feel good about what you do and how you do it and your words and actions are in line with your personality, your being and soul… then you always attract your tribe, always the right people. ALWAYS.

Make your own rules

Which next layer of yourself can you bring into your marketing?

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