Every time you start exploring within yourself what else is possible, in whatever area, be also proud of yourself for who you already are. (I never considered myself a marketing bitch, who persuades people to join).

​​I’ve always followed my intuition and integrity in this area, there is just another layer waiting to be discovered within this topic. 

So during my recovering period, I wanted to dig deeper, shattering more layers, of the way we do marketing.

​​So I asked myself the following questions: ‘What else is possible in marketing?’ ‘What new ways are available?’ ‘Without drifting away from my essence and being a coach who stands for leadership? 

I do not have to start over with this, my heart and consciousness is wide open for more ways to explore, make sense?

The same goes for relationship therapists…..once they grow in their own relationship or marriage, and discover new ways, they do not have to start over and their history in their work, must also be appreciated. Make sense? 

Ok here goes…gonna share my answers with you…

Bur first things first…..let it be clear 😉

I hate, absolutely hate it when other coaches/ businesses ​make you feel stupid, slow in your growth, lazy or weak.​

NO. Just fucking NO.

Or use manipulation terms like, decide within 24 hours. NO. Just fucking NO.​​

What I find the most frustrating part of this all, is that most companies, almost every business, almost every coach, almost every industry does marketing the same way…they use the same principles – The seven influencing strategies. ( which is originated in, well perhaps you guessed it already…tadaa the capitalist system).

So for the last couple of months, these questions have been on my mind​…
1. How we can add more value to marketing and what can marketing be really about?

2. ​What is required so that marketing doesn’t feel ICKY AF?

3. What shift could I make form the inside out, so I can still connect with my clients and future clients, on a soul level?​

These are the answers I found on my journey;

1. Marketing is making a difference. You can inspire others by sharing your insights, lessons and value. Trust me, marketing is a personal growth accelerator, beyond belief. 😉

​2. My clients, and potential clients are humans, so I see and treat them like humans. I do not persuade someone in joining a program, they are not ready for. How fulfilling is it, to let someone join, who isn’t ready? Not my cup of tea.

Find your way, you can majorly be inspired by someone, so without being a copycat, ask yourself the question; What’s my voice in teaching this, how would I teach this or How would I bring this message across?

​​Hint: The more you give yourself permission to be you, use your words, your marketing becomes easier.​​

3. ​Know who you are talking to….when you talk/ market to people’s ego’s, you have to work with those same ego’s in your program. #justsaying. I always aim to speak to their higher self.

4. Words have power….and words carry energy…..you probably have already a following on social media, or you’re just getting started, either way, use your words wisely. Be sure that what you are writing, saying, comes from a place of alignment, in stead of fear, shortage or scarcity.  ( and if you know me, or worked with me before, you already know that I embody these beliefs, but hey still human, and now I get the explore  a deeper layer on this topic)

5. Throw away all the rules, we are here to create new ways ;-)​

What is your take away from this?

​​Feel free to comment, or maybe you want to ad something, that way, we can keep on creating new ways….

Have an amazing rest off the day,

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