Weeks before my vacation started I felt lost and deep down felt angry…..


Something is off, something doesn’t smell right


I did not want to get overwhelmed, but I did. 


I did not want to contribute more noise to the prosperity coachings industry


I did not want to play in the ‘’succes-influencer/ look at my life’’ show on social media.


Overwhelmed by the way this game is currently played, it’s not a people’s game anymore, it’s not even a number’s game,  it’s a freakin’ (old way) marketing game


And who’s really good at it, makes tons of money….


My heart breaks when I see people being fucking great at their job ( creating and sharing high value content)…….getting less likes/ clients –  than someone showing off their monthly revenue in golden balloon numbers. ( Don’t throw around your Louis Vuitton bag yet,  this is just my on point sarcastic humor) 


I was pissed


So what’s going on Mo?


Little that I know ( or actually at first, did not want to lean in) was that I was ricoshade into a recovering period of my own….Recovering from a coaching program I joined, eons ago.


Within a couple of months into the program…. I could feel I was drifting away from the real Mo……all these thoughts that there was something wrong with me…….I felt more and more the outsider in this ‘container’, even a few times felt mistreated, even made fun off….but I kept my mouth shut. (but kept on showing up and doing the work).


Because we’ve learned ( read: conditioned ) that the ‘teacher’ knows best…..and still operating from the good girl syndrome, I said nothing, only shook my head once or twice,  when I was disagreeing with the ‘teacher’.


Where was my intuition in all of this? 


Well, I found out that this has nothing to do with my intuition, maybe, just maybe my soul had to learn this lesson once again….for me it became clear AF on how this industry is operating and where this way of operating comes from.


It’s time for modern spirituality to confront its own shadow.


You see, and maybe you can relate……..For years the following beliefs formed my life and business choices;


“If you don’t like something someone is doing that’s your shadow”


“If you feel angry that’s actually your past trauma getting triggered”


“If you don’t invest in yourself right now,  you think to little about your business and yourself’’


“If you have a negative judgment about someone that’s a projection”


“These are all opportunities to look within. Do your inner work’.


Hmmm really? I don’t think so, not all the time, and everyone who knows me, also knows that I’m direct AF…if you’re acting like a bitch, then you are a bitch. ( in that moment and time, we’re not always love and light , we are humans and have flaws…even in our businesses #keepingitreal)


The narcissistic ‘woke’ spiritual community makes you believe that EVERYTHING is your fault….do not judge, do not eat meat,  be love and light, be high vibe AF…..so when you get nothing out of a program, it’s your problem….no it’s not, not always.  Just like any relationship, you need 2 souls to make it work, you need to step into your leadership and lead, first of all lead yourself, taking the responsibility and act accordingly and even then…….


And then there’s this thing we call LIFE…and it’s not always about rainbows and unicorns and this community avoids the shadow side like the motherfucking plague.


I felt betrayed by these beliefs……these beliefs have held me hostage, and in doing so, I unconsciously created a form off pathological self gaslighting – This is real AF.


It drained me and it kept me away from my self protective instincts and wisdom.


They entrapped me in narcissistic cult/abusive relationship dynamics.


Over this past year, I’ve heard so many stories – even from former clients – who paid serious money to join a program, and end up with nothing, they ended up, with a greater sense of loss, financial struggle, because their business’s didn’t took off….little less what it did to their self esteem and confidence……- I have watched so many people lose themselves in this labyrinth of false spirituality, completely disconnected from themselves.


Beliefs which I now believe are a kind of virus that originated from the minds of cult abusers wrapped in spiritual robes. ( Thank you Maya Luna for these words )




We are conditioned to not feel connected with our intuition, as women, we are not allowed to be angry, let alone express this anger….this human game where playing here, is about UNBECOMING, to BECOME the person who we were meant to be. (Remember who you are)


I never ever could relate with the (old) way of doing marketing….pushing on pain points…tapping in on someone’s insecurities, showing off on social media – make it look easy –  speaking to someone’s trauma and made them feel like a loser if they do not invest in themselves……


If someone is using your history of trauma, to make a sale , that is UNETHICAL AF.


Don’t get me wrong, it is ok to make money, to ask money for your services, programs, you name it……we all need money…..for a fact I know this: The one who delivers value has always clients, the one who serves, makes money. #mindshift #yourwelcome


All my years and experience with the look-at-my-life/ prosperity/ coaching industry has made me incredible conscious of how broken the spiritual community really is and I am determined to do it differently.


You see, once the desire for success takes over the desire to serve the greater good, the only thing you are serving is your own ego.  Do you really need a 7 figure income, to feel good about yourself? 


Spiritual work is sacred AF. It’s our duty to honor the vulnerability of the people who trust us to work with them.


Can I get an Amen ????????


So….that being said….


I am a firm believer that everything happens FOR you…..


……Sometimes, everything falls apart, so better things can fall together. 


Things are falling together……..My vacation has healed me. 


The days enjoying with my precious family were epic, I enjoyed every minute off it, more than ever I am thankful for living here on this island. It helped me al lot, it brought me back to myself.


Other days, I slept, I journaled, just being in the moment, did my yoga, did my fitness exercises, taking LIFE in, eating really good food, being in great company, shattering deeper layers of my conditioned soul, learning new coaching skills, creating a new paradigm, day by day.


Asked for help, reached out, when I felt lost or just plain needed a really good session to bring me back on my path. Forever grateful for my soul family, you know who you are. I don’t take these things for granted.


So……I took myself and my conscious business upon a new paradigm, followed by a new way of marketing….conscious marketing. 




Hi, I am Moisha


I am here for the #AmbitiousSouls #Trailblazers who fully want to express who they are, taking your being, your business and life upon a new paradigm and in doing so the world is lit up.


For the mission driven – client first philosophy – leaders and trailblazers

Sustainable growth that you don’t have to hustle for

Alignment in all areas of your business and life


My mission is to inspire and lead the way for ambitious souls, through love, conscious content and being the best mom, wife and leader in this area possible.


As we speak, my website is under construction, new programs are coming through….so excited!


At this moment, you can work with me in my 1:1 signature container. ( 3 months & Solution Focused )


New to my energy? But fully resonate with my energy? You can book a 90 minute consulting session with me for just €222,00. (incl. VAT) → 


Just a DM away


To your growth, your expansion + your inevitable evolution…


I can’t wait to see what you create + who you un-become






From the bottom of my heart, I hope you find comfort, relief/ healing in this article and if you have any questions, want to share your story, feel free to contact me….I am here for you. Fastest way to connect with me is on Instagram.