Everything is energy and sometimes ’energy’ is a b*tch

For over 20 years now, there are a few days per month, where I experience a depression state of being.

(Due to chronic PMS and yess, that’s an actual thing – and no do not need advice, got it covered most off the time )

The days where I do not have it covered, I’m taking extra care of myself.

I also connect to the vision I have of myself, It helps me a lot to move through these moments.

Questions that can help to take control and lead through these (energy) situation:

???? What would she do in this particular situation?
???? How does she show up, for her body, for her truth, for her community, when she’s in this state?
???? What does she chooses NOW?

???????? What is my next ( baby) action step to take?

I think, the reason why so many women get burned out or have a constant feeling of failing in their businesses is because we have learned to DO.

Showing up every day, giving webinars, setting goals, selling, run a business by numbers, on logic and a lot of doing…..

Yess, we have learned to DO business, that stems from the patriarchal system, that is predominantly based/created on male energy, from how men see and build the world. And we thank you for that ????????.

But we, female entrepreneurs, we BE different.

We have a monthly cycli, we experience the world differently than man, so how on earth does the same way of doing business as our male entrepreneurs, work for us? Well it’s not.

We, as women, thrive in our businesses by BEING in business. Giving yourself what you need, in every moment. Without sacrificing who we are or what we need, or giving up on our dreams.

I’ve had the most insane outcomes in my business, because I follow my rules, my energy, my terms, my flow, my beliefs, my femininity.

What do you need right now?
What is your soul telling you what you need?
Lean into that, trust and surrender,
The answer to your question is already here
Open up to receive

Honor what you need
Honor who you are

???????? What’s the one thing you want to do differently in your business? ​
???????? What would be ideal for you?

Love the see your insights on this article, feel free to share in the comments​

Remember, you can create it, exactly how you want it


Xx, MJ


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Ready when you BE. ????