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Since I made the decision not to take on any new clients, I absolutely feel free, on so many levels. No more being busy with monthly revenues, new programs or ‘thinking/ making plans’ for 2023. ⁣

A question I asked myself over and over again: What dreams or goals do I have with my current business? And everytime I answered this question, nothing came up….⁣

I did the online programs (created over 50)⁣
I did the retraites⁣
I did the groupscoaching⁣
I did the 1:1 ( over 200 clients in 6 years )⁣
I did the events ( 7 in total )⁣
I did the speakergigs⁣

I feel fulfilled⁣
It’s ok and moving on⁣

The more I lean into this decision, the more my desire for simplicity, ordinary life comes up, absolutely love it. ⁣

And the more I see and feel how this whole spiritual business (new age) thing is ???????????? my thing. ⁣

The bubble I believed turned out not to be true. I no longer wanted to brainwash and gaslight myself….I just want to be….and experience all of life⁣.

The constant healing, fixing, reading books, following programs, are ways to keeping control….it can actually drive you further away from yourself. This is what happend to me in one of the last programs I followed…⁣

(Luckily found a really good coach who brought me back to me ????. For the google record, we can not fix everything ourselves, I absolutely believe in coaching, really good therapists and friends, thank you, you know who you are)⁣

So many people find it hard to be with themselves, and it is from time to time….but in order to be happy, genuinely happy, we need to accept some things….the good, the bad and the very ugly….Life is not all day every day happy happy joy joy…. In accepting the discomfort, lies for me so clearly, the purity and beauty of life. ⁣

The dreams and goals I have outside my coachings business are getting more clear and are unfolding and I’m having the time of my life, I’m grateful AF.⁣

Although I feel completely naked sharing this, I also feel how important it is to stay vulnerable, if that makes sense.⁣

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