…I offer 90 minute Life/ Business breakthrough sessions ($222) to take you to your next level NOW…

This is perfect for you when:

  • You feel like you’re stuck at a certain level or place and want to move through that once and for all
  • You’re done waiting for things to change and are ready to break through whatever is holding you back
  • You have a dream or goal you ache to achieve and feel it could be easier, more effortless, less struggle
  • You are ready to light that fire in your Soul big time!
  • You want to be more mission driven (and obviously ) have a client client-first philosophy
  • You want sustainable growth, that you do not have to husstle for
  • You want socially conscious business models and best practices
  • Are ready and committed to dive DEEP into yourself, your dreams, your shadow and your light.
  • Are radically honest with yourself.

Here’s how it works:


???????? First you claim your spot

????????Then you fill out an extensive questionnaire that helps prepare you for your Breakthrough Coaching Call. 

Your breakthrough starts thé moment you fill out the questionaire, so much clarity and we haven’t even talked! 

???????? Next, we have a 90 minutes Breakthrough Coaching Call via Zoom.

???????? These sessions are in Dutch or English

???????? During our call we dive DEEP into the ONE thing you desire to manifest more than anything.


This could be for example:

  • Create more freedom in your daily life/ business
  • Breaking through an income ceiling;
  • Significantly growing your impact and reach
  • Having a peacefull household
  • Loving relationship with your family member
  • Be completely true to yourself in every area of your business


    What I am actually about?

    Tuned in, turned on and tapped in on life?
    Inner work?
    Self love?
    Self leadership?
    Feminine energy?
    Reality creation?

    I’m about:

    > Feeling really good and juicy about yourself

    > Becoming an energetic match with your desires

    > Having a clear energy

    > Tuned in, tapped in en mayor turned on, on life

    > Loving yourself unconditionally

    > Having an awesome, safe, inspirational, and fun household

    > Making money with your soul’s mission – aka doing what you’re here for

    The things on the first list helped me realize those things on the second list.

    You feel me?

    Your list will be different. For sure. I’m not here to convince you of anything.

    My intention is that my words, my energy, help you to become that match with your desires, to be tapped into the fire that burns inside of you, to create enough stillness, mental clarity and space so that you can;

    ???? Hear your heart
    ???? Decide what’s important to you
    ???? Find the answers within yourself
    ???? Take inspired action
    ???? Remember who you are and what really matters to you.

    Do you want to (finally) go to the next level?

    Let me help you in this 90 minutes breakthrough session.


    Xx, Moisha

    Sometimes you just need to light that fire up again….


    More than happy I will take a look at your business, feel into the way you live your life now, your businessmodel (not based on the basic marketing tactics you can learn on google or in any ‘business’ programma now a days) and your personal goals.

    Together we will be working on, getting clear on your ideal client, your signature program, your way of showing up and serving your clients.

    You will experience no pressure to sign up for anything. Ever. You pay me a flat fee for my time and expertise. That’s it