I have created this experience for leaders, coaches and healers of this new eon.

This program creates clarity about who you are, basically, what it does, it brings you back to you, realigns you as quickly as possible and takes aligned actions accordingly.

Let’s connect for 7 weeks:

You will receive a journal prompt/assignment in your mailbox every day; this can be a question to open your heart, to dive in, to be with, to take a step forward, all designed to create alignment in some area(s) in your life.

Through the free Voxer app you can send me an audio daily with your reflections, your thoughts or whatever you want to share.

I respond every working day, with support, clarity and any further aligned actions.

I am an experienced mentor in 100% alignment with your innermost truth, fulfilling desires, shadow work, business, creativity, clarity, energetic leadership and intuitive embodiment.

This program starts the Monday after you have registered.


Aligned AF Intensive
€777,00 ex. VAT.