Let me take you back to April 2017….

There we were at the beginning of a new year, 2 amazing entrepreneurs with a brilliant plan to help other entrepreneurs.

Whoop whoop, we were more than ready, everything was there, cool training sessions, beautiful website, spirit, love & flow…..and the moment we went live,  it felt so OFF, the registrations started slowly… …we ‘fought’ with that feeling for a while…..but at the end of the day ……PassiePreneurs….wasn’t the next best thing. Not for us and therefore not for everybody involved.

It became obvious for me and my dear friend Maartje Koper, we’re not in our soul alignment….and so what do you do then?
We went back to our core, our beautiful BEING, to our own wishes and desires and what matters to us as individuals.

You know, what works for others never means it will work for you…..

We are all different
We all have different wishes and desires
We all have different gifts, qualities and expertise

How you respond to your call to life or your why, is different and that’s all right.

Maartje has hundreds of people in her paid community and I only want to have a maximum of 60 to 80 in it.

You also have your own way of doing things and that’s a good thing, people come to you because of who you are.

You can trust that, you are walking your own, unique path, yes you do not know what it looks like, because you are also pioneering big time… how cool is that!

You know what I found out, that I actually like a very simple business, no hassle, just manifest from BEING, from my heart

Yeah sure, there are some marketing tech shizzle that you really have to use, but also that is possible from BEING, really!

It’s all about energy and that energy, that abundance, that love we all already have in us, we just have to follow it…..are you in?

I still remember very well what it’s like to work 80 hours a week, following program after program (read business template after business template) in the hope that it would now do something for me….pfff…..

No, I believe in a business from BEING, just from your wholeness, from your beauty, it is your birthright to do what makes you happy and also to earn money from it…..

Our consciousness often tells us, everything is fine…… But it just doesn’t feel that way….

So how can you learn to listen more to your intuition?

You probably know this;

Suddenly you get a chill when you look at something or when a certain person is near.
Or a very happy, intense feeling of love when you meet a certain person, or you smell something in a certain place. These are the moments when your intuition wants to tell you something.

And there are bound to be times when you recognize it, then you resolve to do more with it and then it fades again. To let your intuition speak (more), you have to listen to it (more). It’s like learning to ride a bike and swim.. once you can do it, it comes naturally 

Ok, so your intuition communicates with you in different ways, start recognizing it when your intuition ‘talks’ to you. Think about the last time you had such a moment. So that’s how it works for you.

I would like to give you some tips to get closer to your intuition:

#1. Create a moment of peace for yourself. Every day about 10 minutes. Sit somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Just enjoy the silence, if you find it hard to concentrate then focus on your breathing – always works. Sink into your BEING, be one with yourself. Listen to your thoughts or to the birds. Just be….

#2. Ask.
Ask yourself questions if you notice that it is not flowing well. How come it’s not flowing now? What’s good about this? What am I not seeing yet? Just ask your intuition what it means and then write down what it means

#3. Listen to your body. Something that took me a long time to discover. When you experience pain or goosebumps, your body wants to tell you something. Listen to it. I once heard that a woman had a problem with her ear, she was completely unaware that she was being spoken to from all sides…she wouldn’t listen.

Do you often have headaches? Then you either drink too little water in a day, or you drink too much caffeine or you are stuck with something. Give yourself the time to find that out!

#4. Business growth stuff – Oh yeah. Investing in yourself is the most important thing…not only with money, actually taking the time to learn, grow and expand.

What you know now, will only bring you this far, it won’t take you to the next jump in income. You will have to do something for that. Putting time, money & energy into your dreams. But yes, so much to choose from – Listen to your intuition.

Do you feel an absolutely Hell yess,  to a certain program or coach? Follow that feeling, the HOW is not up to you to resolve, you forget that the Universe is there to support you IN EVERYTHING.

Answer intuitively: Where am I now? What do I need? Will this take me further?
Learn to listen to your intuition, also regarding ‘investing’ – it is possible

Let me know in the comments what these tips do for you and If you’re ready to listen more and more to your intuition

Have a amazing Friday,
Celebrate life & who you are